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We close the loop behind our products through innovative services.


Waste is a core problem in the fashion industry. Every second, the equivalent of a truck full of textiles is landfilled or incinerated somewhere in the world. This is due to clothes overproduction, but also because increasingly we are designing clothes to be disposable products. 


At Trace Collective, we honour our pledge to circularity first and foremost in the design stage:

  • We only work with fully natural, biodegradable fabrics, which means that if one of our pieces ends up in landfill it’ll disappear soon without harming the earth. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester take hundreds of years to disappear. 

  • Our designs minimize fabric waste, and we keep fabric offcuts to integrate them in our limited-edition designs.

  • All our fabrics are mono-fibre, which means that we avoid fabric blends. Those are the ones in your t-shirt when it says that it’s 70% cotton and 30% polyester for example. We choose to work this way not only because that's how we can offer you the highest quality fabrics, but also because blended fabrics are not recyclable. 

But we don’t think our job is done when our clothes get to you. We believe that companies have the responsibility to help clients close the loop. We work hard to design pieces that you’ll love and that hopefully will sit on your wardrobe for decades, maybe one day be passed on to your children or other loved ones. But if that’s not the case, we don’t think that telling you to donate them or put them in a recycling bin is enough. 


Unfortunately, most donated clothes end up in landfills or cluttering the markets of emerging economies and destroying local textile industries, while textile recycling is incredibly complex, and many garments are often not recyclable (less than 2% of global textile production comes from recycled textiles). We think that real circularity is about brands (us) working together with smart customers (you).

That’s why we’ve created the Trace Circularity Hub – a space to offer you solutions so that together we can close the loop.



Up to 25% of a garment's carbon footprint comes from the way we wash it and care for it. That's why our product team has put together a list of recommendations on how to minimise this impact while ensuring that your Trace Collective pieces get the best care possible during their life cycle. 


Our clothes are the highest quality in the market, we can swear by that. But if something happens, don't leave them in a bag at the back of your closet or throw them away. Message our customer care team and we'll fix it for you. Easy.


We want our pieces to live in your wardrobe for decades. But we can all change our mind. If you find you’re no longer wearing one of your Trace Collective pieces, message our customer care team and we’ll collect them to epicycle them into new pieces.


Our #WithoutATrace rental scheme that makes our hero pieces available for rent, in case you you don't want to commit for long. You’ll be wearing unique pieces while putting less of a strain in the planet’s resources and saving some money. What’s not to love? Look out for the rental option in our store.

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