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we are so happy

to see you here

Building connection and meaningful 

conversation, both online and in person, is incredibly important for us.

It is a catalyser for bigger change. 

That is why we are working to create safe space for you to bring your views, exchange with others, share your knowledge and learn new things – and, if you want to, step up to spread the change in your community, wherever that is. 

Our community – that is, you and other incredible humans like you– is at the heart of everything that we do. For now, we are building this family in social media. We hang out all the time in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and send interesting articles to discuss through our newsletter. 

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And that is not all. The future is bright, and a few very happy things are coming.

Help us choose our first workshop locations, type here your city, and click submit:

Our platform is also growing, and soon you will see our new web iteration with a space to see where other change-makers like you are around the world, and what our combined positive impact is. 

Our Tina Workshops are face-to-face meet ups in your local city, facilitated by one of our incredible volunteers, where we hang out to do anything from watching a movie, learning how to fix and make alterations on clothes, discuss sustainability hacks and -most importantly- meet first hand great people. 

Do you want to facilitate a workshop? Click here to join our team of volunteers: