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We are so happy to see you here

At trace collective we believe that there is #anotherwaytobuy.


A way to buy that does not cost the planet so much, and that helps us reconnect with the stories of the products we buy.

A way to buy that does not sacrifice choice, style or quality, but does help us align our choices with our values, give back to the planet, be proud of ourselves.

If you agree with us and you think it is time to do things differently, join our movement.


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We share our monthly discoveries and favourite tips to make small, impactful changes in our lifestyle and communities.


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Follow us in your favourite social medial channels for daily content. We post about our favourite books and brands, share companies that we love, and give you a sneak peek into our journey creating a fully circular, regenerative fashion brand.

Tell us how you are creating positive change with your buying habits by using the hashtag #adifferentwaytobuy. Tag others, spread the love.

Let's build this movement.


Volunteer to lead a workshop

Our workshops connect local communities, bringing neighbours together to find sustainability solutions that do work for them: from clothes swaps to making your own soaps and fixing broken items, we create a fun and safe space to discuss the issues that you care about, brining inspiring speakers that will make you want to take action now.

If you are excited about this reach out to us, we would love to meet you to tell you how we roll! The trace collective team will help you in every step of the journey, but you know your community best so we cannot do this without you.

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