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We wanted to create something refreshing, honest and beautiful. Based in London, with roots in Slovakia and Spain, we were looking for clothes that aligned with our personal styles, but that also aligned with our values.


And when we started to deep dive into what those values and motivations were, we realized that we were not comfortable just damaging less. And we saw potential for more. Potential to create a new way of making fashion, outside of the conventional products and services.

Growing up in nature, by the mountains and the sea, prompted us to wonder how we can give back to mother earth, and preserve this beautiful planet. The passion and vision of a better future brought us together. A future where fashion leads the change to regenerative and fully circular economies.

So we started dreaming. What will the future of fashion look like? How will supply chains change, what new services will be created. And, most importantly, how will the conversation change, and who will lead it?

We see a clear change in paradigm – from products to services and from numbers to quality.

But there is much more coming.


That is how trace collective was born. We are creating a movement that uses fashion as a tool for environmental regeneration and social cohesion. Producing and shipping products still has an impact, yes, but we strive every day to bring it to the minimum, while we transform your buying choices so we can give back to the environment.


So, why us? Maybe because you want to be part of this movement. Or maybe because you love beautiful, high-quality designs. Or because you like to know that you will have full transparency, for each of our pieces of clothing, thanks to innovative blockchain technology and our sustainability auditors.  

There are so many reasons. But our media manager told us that we should keep it brief in here. So if you are curious to know more, pop by our values page to see more details on how we do business. 


In the meantime, we want to shape the conversation with you. Tell us, how does the future of fashion look like to you?