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Interview: The inspiration for our SS23 collection

We spoke to Antonia Halko, our Creative Director, about the new SS23 collection. We asked her about the inspiration behind the clothing, and what she sees in the future for Trace Collective.

What inspired this new collection?

This collection was inspired by longevity, craftsmanship and freedom. Freedom is particularly important as we are now living in a post-pandemic world, I wanted people to be able to express themselves in our new pieces. Also, I wanted to emphasise the importance of us regaining our autonomy. The collection, in general, is much bolder than anything Trace Collective has done before.

I wanted to instil that taking care of Mother Nature is the most important thing we can do to ensure we keep our freedom. Nature has the power to heal and restore us, but we must take care of her. Through regeneration and circularity, Trace Collective once again explores the positive impact fashion can have on people, their wellbeing, and the environment.

How does this collection differ from previous Trace Collective seasons?

I wanted to experiment with more striking looks and silhouettes to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces, that are still easy to style. It was very important to us to ensure all our designs are entirely zero waste. Using off-cuts of our older fabrics and bolder designs, I played with proportion, raw edges and colour. This is slightly different from our previous collections, but I still wanted comfortability and confidence to be at the core of each piece. This was to demonstrate that linen, hemp, and wool are anything but boring.

How do you see Trace's design agenda progressing over the next few seasons?

We will always stay in touch with our core values: our regenerative practices, working closely with our supply chain and attempting to educate our community on climate change and regeneration. In the future, we are going to bring limited edition pieces to Trace. I am interested in featuring more hand-dyed and hand finished components to our pieces, to add an even more personal touch. We are also looking into expanding our range of regenerative fabrics. There’s a lot to look forward to!

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