Buying a present for somebody and not sure what to pick? Get them one of our giftcards and let them choose.


This gift cards allows them to pick any of our shirts or tops, and purchase them without paying anything extra. Which means that you're saving 15% off the store price. Yes, you heard us right.


When buying this gift card you're putting your money on a social business that's working for climate justice and social equality. So you're not only gifting store credit that can be cashed for some beautiful, high quality clothes - you're also sharing a story of social impact and positive change.


So cheers to you!

Gift any Jackets & Get 15% off

  • You will receive an email with a short visual pack that you can share together with this gift card, telling the happy recipient about Trace Collective and how this gift helps the planet.


    That is, besides of making them look great in their new clothes, of course.