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  • Rent the Wrap Jacket for one Month


    [Note: this service is only available in the UK and the EU. Enter the code RENTFREE at checkout for free shipping]


    A new classic that focuses on detailed features, this jacket has been designed thinking of maximizing functionality and comfort without sacrificing elegance.


    The jacket features a boxy straight cut for an oversized look that can transform into a more fitted look if you wrap the belt.

    It has an inside pocket and a hidden button if you want to close it up all the way to your neck in those windier spring days.


    There's much more to this jacket. Browse the right section to see how it is making a positive impact on the lives of many, or click here to step into the full product journey.

    One Month of the Wrap Jacket

      • All components are made from natural materials.
      • Fully traceable from ground to garment, click here to step into this product's journey.
      • Designed for circularity, fully biodegradable.
      • Made in Barcelona, Spain.
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