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We believe that fashion can be a force for  social change.


Here is the future that we are working for.

a future where businesses have

sustainability at their core,

because that is the only way to thrive.

Whether we are individuals or corporations, what we do has an impact. It creates a change. It is up to us to decide what is the kind of change that we want to create. At trace collective we believe that we have the responsibility to make the world a better place, little by little, through both the small and big actions. 

Not damaging the world should not be a marketing nice-to-have, it should be the natural way of operating. For us it is a no-brainer. We want to show that there is a different way of doing business, that you can put people and the environment at the centre of your work and still thrive. That giving back can be a core part of your model, and the key to your success.  

Every product has a story. Like with great books, we want to put together products that have powerful and uplifting stories. Stories that inspire you and that will hopefully get you craving to learn more about the things that you own.  

Where does our stuff come from

Who made our clothes, and how? 

What is the true cost of what we buy

There is so much power in empathy, and so much potential in knowledge. We believe that change starts with asking questions, with curiosity and kindness. 

a future where, as consumers,

we are connected to the stories

of the products that we buy.

a future where we understand

the power of our collective impact

and are inspired to create positive change.

It is difficult to create change alone, we know that. But our aggregated power immense, and our actions can change the world: they inspire others to follow us, and they show what is possible with passion and initiative.

In the same way as art and other ways of self-expression, fashion has the power to bring people together, to start a conversation

We have discovered that this planet is full of incredible people doing amazing things. As a company, we are talking to, supporting or collaborating with many of them. And we cannot wait for the journey ahead.