We are trace collective.

We create timeless fashion made of unique pieces that you will not want to stop wearing. ​

We are in it for the fashion, yes, but we are also in it for the impact.

We make fashion to regenerate the planet, connect communities to the stories behind their products, and to show that there is #anotherwaytobuy.


we do


for good

Regenerative fabrics and circular design

We work only with regenerative fabrics that give back to nature - improving soil fertility and reducing natural degradation. No synthetics, no chemicals, no nasty stuff. Because taking care of nature also means taking care of your body and what you put on your skin. Each of our pieces is created thinking of the full lifecycle of the product, so when you do not want to use it any more, you can return it to us and it can start a new life. Fashion endlessly.

Source stories and radical transparency


We care about where our clothes come from, and about where are they made. And we think you care too, so we tell you the whole story. We use blockchain for radical transparency, and by scanning our labels you can see exactly where your product has been, from the beginning of it journey in the fields and fabric mills to the last rivets before we shipped it to you. We also tell you who made it, and how you are helping the environment in saving water and CO2 just by deciding to buy with us.

A rental membership model

We think fashion is to experiment and explore, but we know how unsustainable it can be to buy too much. So we thought there can be a better way to do it. From summer 2020 we will offer a rental membership model. You choose the number of items that you want to receive at your doorstep every quarter, and we take care of the rest. You wear them for three months, and when our driver comes to deliver your new quarterly bundle you give him the clothes you wore these past months. Hassle free and guilt free, unlimited clothes swaps forever.


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