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Step into the stories of empowerment that hide behind our pieces.



We make fashion to reverse climate change. Discover how.


And so it all began. We brought together our combined experience in luxury fashion and systemic innovation to develop a new model for the fashion, one that would pioneer a new model for how we interact with our purchases in the future, in this industry and beyond.

We make clothes, yes. But we mostly are creating a movement that uses fashion as a tool for environmental regeneration and social cohesion. Producing and shipping products still has an impact, but we strive every day to bring it to the minimum, while we help our buyers make choices that give back to the planet and society.


The truth is, the world doesn’t need another fashion brand. Or so we thought. The large scale, mindset changing solution to the current challenges of the fashion industry is that we, simply put, buy radically less (new) stuff. But the reality is also that while we get there, we need new industry models that stop us from damaging at this pace. And we need them really fast.


In 2019, we started looking for the companies that are leading a new way of producing and engaging with customers. We discovered incredible brands, but couldn’t find exactly what we thought was needed: a brand that used regeneration as the main central parameter to guide all their processes, and that opened up radically to their community, starting a conversation on pricing, impact and traceability in the fashion industry.

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We’re not sure what brought you here. Maybe you're here because you want to be part of this movement. Or maybe you just love beautiful, high-quality designs. Or perhaps it’s important to you to know exactly who and how made your clothes. Whichever it is, thank you for visiting, we hope that we can make you stay.

Yours truly,

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