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We don't have any dirty secrets.


We believe that our supply chain processes and partners should be transparent.


Read more about how we can proof our honest slow fashion.

honest slow fashion

While it has been a difficult nut to crack, telling you about our transparency standards is one of our favourite things. That is because it has a lot to do with the reason why we created trace collective. You can read more about that in Our story, but in a nutshell, we were worried about how clothes were being made, and confused about the complexity of understanding  the environmental and human impacts of the fashion industry’s supply chain. 

It was difficult for us to take decisions on what to buy and, let's be honest, we often found ourselves buying clothes that we knew didn’t meet our sustainability standards, because we didn’t know how good the ones branded sustainable where.

So we started asking ourselves questions. Can we start a fashion brand that provides radical transparency to our community?


How can we be honest about our impacts, in a way that allows people – busy people like you, like us, who already have way too many decisions to make every day – to make the right choices for their health, their communities and the environment? 

There are two things in our transparency strategy that hopefully will get you excited.


First, all our claims are validated by a third party. Whatever we say we are doing, there is an independent organisation conducting research to confirm that that is true. For example, when we tell you that our clothes use less water, our factories pay above living wages, or that we offset our carbon emissions.

Second, our clothes are fully traceable through blockchain. What that means for you is that when you take a picture of the code on the label of one of our clothes, you will see exactly how all the bits of that awesome piece of garment came together, from the sourcing of the natural fibers, to their processing, transportation, assembly and final shipping from your home. You will see the locations and the people who made it.



Blockchain is an incorruptible ledger of information – you may have heard about it from its use in the currency world, bitcoin. But the uses and possibilities behind blockchain are so many. If you have a curious geeky mind like us, you can learn more by watching these (super short) videos:

Thanks to this technology, you will see how many CO2 emissions and water usage were produced in each point of our supply chain, compared to data of fast fashion. We do that because we want to remind you, always, how awesome you are for buying with us, and what a difference you are making.

Being open about our impact, and telling the powerful stories behind each of our unique pieces was (and is) what guided our sustainability strategy. But we have been learning from the best, and there is more to it. We are also radically transparent about our pricing and cost structures. Once our online shop is set up you will be able to see exactly how much it has costed us to produce it, broken down in pieces (fabric, manufacturing, shipping).

And if you still have questions, ask us. We are here to answer.