Goodbye, thirsty jeans, hello future. These trousers are a better version of your favourite jeans. The fabric has a similar feel, but they're made in 100% premium hemp fabric. You get all the comfort and durability, with no pesticides and 95% less water used in their production.


Win-win, we hear?


There's a lot more awesomeness to these trousers. Browse the right section to see how it’s making a positive impact on the lives of many, or click here to step into the full product journey.

The Zen Jeans

Color: Black
    • We are finishing a production re-run, if you order now you will receive this product in mid July.
    • All components are made from natural materials.
    • Fully traceable from ground to garment: click here to step into this product’s journey.
    • Designed for circularity, fully biodegradable.
    • Made in Barcelona, Spain.
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